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● Semen can be ordered by telephone (+32 2 446 04 11 or +32 470 81 21 79), by email ( or from the website:
● Semen can be ordered from Monday through Saturday until 9 am. Semen can only be collected on Sundays and public holidays or on Saturdays before 10 am if arranged by telephone beforehand.
● The semen can be collected by appointment or we can send it by courier (HippoXpress), the shipping costs are payable by the customer.
● When ordering semen, the billing details of the owner/person responsible for the mare must be provided along with a copy of the mare’s pedigree.
● A maximum of 2 insemination straws can be obtained per heat cycle.
● A straw of fresh or frozen semen for a subsequent heat cycle may only be obtained once the deposit or advance stud fee has been paid. In the case of frozen semen, a non-gestation statement by the vet must be attached with a new order.
● Frozen semen is delivered in an appropriate container, which must be returned within 7 calendar days. From the 8th day rent will be charged at a rate of €25/day.
●When ordering frozen semen for international shipment, the stud fee must be paid in full prior to delivery.
● Unused straws shall, at all times, remain the property of Tal Milstein Stallions and must be returned to us at the end of the season as well as the empty straws.
● International shipments: Costs of health certificates are payable by the customer.
● If the semen ordered is used for embryo transplantation or ICSI this must be notified to us at the time of the first order.
● Tal Milstein Stallions (Equitrade bvba) cannot be held liable for any problems arising in connection with the shipment of the semen by a transport company. In the event of issues, the customer must notify us on the anticipated delivery date.
● By ordering semen the mare owner acknowledges having read these conditions and declares agreement in full with these covering and payment conditions and with the stud fees.

Ø We work with ERC de Morette, who hold an EU certificate (BN 06/01) and can therefore ship semen both domestically and abroad.


● The payment of invoices from Equi-trade BVBA, the owner of Tal Milstein Stallions, must be settled immediately on receipt of the invoice. Any late payment shall incur an increase to the amount invoiced with reminder costs, penalty interest and any collection costs, both judicial and extrajudicial.
● If a mare is not in foal after one season the deposit payment shall remain valid for the following season. You can then change mare/stallion.
● The mare owner must return a non-gestation statement before 1 October. If the breeder fails to notify us that the mare is not in foal, a gestation fee shall automatically be charged. The official notice of breeding shall be sent after payment of the gestation fee.
● The stud fee is exclusive of shipping costs and VAT.
● The stud fee is calculated as:
o 500 euro deposit, which must be paid at first insemination.
o The gestation fee, owed on 1 October of the covering year if the mare is in foal. (The gestation fee is the fee for the last stallion chosen reduced by the 500 euro deposit.)
● The stud fee is payable per live-born foal. If an insemination results in multiple embryos being flushed or multiple live-born foals, the stud fee shall still be charged ex post.
● In case of embryo transplantation / ICSI the gestation fee shall be charged per successfully transplanted embryo. This includes frozen embryos and if several embryos are flushed from a single insemination.
The mare owner must provide an overview of the number of flushes and the number of implanted embryos per mare on 1 October. This overview may also be used as a non-gestation statement if no successful transplantation occurred.
● Any attempted fraud shall be punishable by an unconditional fine of 2500 euro excluding VAT per incident, regardless of the stud fee payable.


● Each stud fee entitles the customer to a live-born foal, which must nevertheless be paid on 1 October of the stud year.
● The live foal guarantee means that the cover should result in a viable foal that survives for the first 24 hours after birth. If the foal dies within 24 hours after the birth, you shall be entitled to cover a mare in another season free of charge.

Ø Tal Milstein Stallions cannot be held liable for any costs resulting from damage, disease and/or injuries to people, animals or other. This liability is borne solely by the mare’s owner.

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